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Friday, January 29, 2010


This blog is just to share my yuri's raw. I hope you can get better raws here. 'll try to do my best, but I don't promise anything. Most of my posts will be just to post raws, nothing about yuri news.

So, just appreciate and Thanks for your visit!


  1. can put more manga Cassiopeia Dolce

  2. How do I make partnership with you?
    I am Brazilian and I wanted to translate into my language some of his mangas... I will place the credits and everything else... How can I contact? '-'

  3. Hello, do you have Google Plus? Because I would like to add you to my circle to follow, as so share this wonderful blog from my page #YuriGarden.

  4. Hi, what happens to you? I miss you :'(


Thank you for your visiting! (: