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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Comic Yuri Hime - Vol.37 & Vol.38

Since it's difficult download Vol.38 from Love-neko, I decided split that into 6 pieces, 300mb each (last one's 211mb) and there are 4 parts of Vol.37(300mbs/3 + 190mb).

We have mirrocreator, so I suggest you use Megashares, Rapidgator, RyuShare, Crocko and FileCloud since their 'cool down' is not a problem.

Also, theses files are ZIP, so download 7ZIP, a light-extracting-program better than WinRAR - Of course, it's just a suggestion, since you can decompress them with WinRAR without problem.

And Let me know if these files are 'OK'. Remember it's necessary select all of them, right click and extract file/here.

Oh! Right! Vol.37 has 629p and Vol.38, 564p. So if you think something's missing, try to do what I said before.

Note: Download v39 here.

Comic Yuri Hime Vol.37
百合姫 2013年7月号
High Quality

Comic Yuri Hime Vol. 38
百合姫 2013年9月号
High Quality


  1. they are not zip to extract them?

  2. Hey, thanks for the upload. I tried extracting the entire file but it seems like the first 72/3 pages were empty files, I think there might be a problem with the first part of the zip file?

  3. Hi, sorry about my previous comment. I re-downloaded the first part of the zip file and everything works just fine. Thanks a lot for sharing! <3


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