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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Honey Crush COMPLETE

As Honey Crush is already over, I decided create a batch and upload it. All those chapters are from Yuri Hime S Collection.

Batch file
VOL.1 (1-7)
VOL.2 (8-13)
High Quality

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love DNA XX - DRAMA CD (恋愛遺伝子XXドラマCD)

I liked it! Well, I don't know japanese, but I could imagine their talking since it's the same from manga~ Enjoy, it's really funny :) and would be great if someone translates it - make a video etc...

 Tracks 1 - 12
CAST (from Okazu):
Aoi: Taketatsu Ayana (Azusa in K-ON!)
Sakura: Hikasa Youko (Mio in K-ON!)
Mizuki: Satou Satomi (Ritsu in K-ON!)
Matsuri: Kotobuki Minako (Tsumigi in K-ON!)

Golden Shoes, Silver Shoes (The Honest Princess)

The second part of "Have you seen these shoes?" from Tsubomi. Also, one of many oneshots from Kono Kutsu Shirimasen ka?

Golden Shoes, Silver Shoes (The Honest Princess)

Tsubomi reuploads (VOL.9 - VOL.14)

Since we don't have many mirrors available, I decided upload all tsubomi magazines I have. I just reuploaded those because someone asked me to do it and now I'll take a chance to share here.

Tsubomi VOL.09
Tsubomi VOL.10
Tsubomi VOL.11
Tsubomi VOL.12
Tsubomi VOL.13
Tsubomi VOL.14

Useful links

Hiii! :D

Well, it's been forever since my last update. I'm kinda ashamed. I think 'll upload a batch of all those mangas already posted here and replace those dead-megaupload-links.

I've been wondering about the lastest Flower Flower chapter as well and seems the 14th one will be released in a web version, but if you want to read it, is necessary purchase it. Maybe the only and fastest way to get it, is buying the tank version. :T I'll see if I, at least, can get the 2nd volume from Amazon - I even don't know if it's available there.

Ah, I uploaded a torrent in Nyaa's public tracker. My acc is "sara100" and there are many yuri and its similars stuffs.

There you can get:
  • Kishi Torajiro's COLORFUL
  • Yuri Hime S 1-13
  • Yuri Hime 30-33
  • Kiddy Girl And Pure VOL.1
  • Scape GOD VOL.1
  • Murder Princess VOL.1-2
Also, I do want to upload Renai Manga (By the way, Kawaii scans's releasing it), but it's hard find つぼみ VOL.07.

So, that's all! (: