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Monday, September 10, 2012

Cassiopeia Dolce 12 & 13

Better late than never! All these materials I have in HD can be enough to make a quickly update here. We really are far from the 3rd volume, I presume, but there's a livejournal whose posted some prints about the lastest Cassiopeia chapters. When I find the post, I'll paste it here. ^^


Normal Quality
Chapter 12

Normal Quality
Chapter 13

Flower Flower 12 & 13

Well, I dunno what's happened to FF. The story isn't so that interesting as before, it seems the author even cares anymore about it. Nevertheless, I'll still spread it here since my spirit is high!

Ah, and too bad Megaupload turned off. Now I can't figure how exhaustive could re-upload all those links pasted here, seriously. e  Ae; From now on, I'll move to MF server: Faster and better. (:

High Quality
 High Quality
Chapter 13


Yeah, yeah. Just walkin' through my mess again. Darn it! How could I forget it?

You know, guys. Many things has happened recently. Social life problems and my exams kind never seemed finishing; my pc crashed and I got busy with an 4fun fansub project of mine... Erm, the truth is I was almost completing my services and now I think a return it's possible. For those who visited this place aiming for all those raws I've posted here, keep it up! 'll be back soon. =)

Since I'm pretty outdated, it's probably I post all the mangas on my currently section in batch and start a new list of the most-dazling-yuri-mangas-ever, containing many Hirari, Tsubomi & YH/S issues~ * _* Yah, just the good ones!

Oh! If you all need something (I mean, raws and stuffs), comment here! I can be useful if you give me something to aim for. P:

Good night, everyone!