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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yeah, I'm alive.

For sure it has been a while since my last update. It seems I'm pretty outdated, but social life demanded me a little caring.

While I was absent, though, I found really good stuffs to bring here, one of them is Otome no Teikoku's web version raws (Yeah, I have a lot of them). Also, according to the Yuri Project Comic Yuri Hime's release, it seems Love DNA XX finishes at its chapter 15 (Yuri Hime Vol.40 [January 2014]) - I'll do a high search on internet, but doubt get it before the scans itself, it's been really hard find a Comic Yuri Hime magazine besides vol 35, but I'll try deeper. :) And it's really weird since the last chapter posted here was the ch15, so I'll get explanations as well e_e.

EDIT: About Love DNA XX, now I see what's happening. It's really going to finish next Comic Yuri Hime Vol.40, but as ACT 15 not CHAPTER 15. Since scanlators named the chapters according to its release (act1 = ch1) and in the middle we got some extras called ACTs and renamed as Chapters, it's normal the non-sync between them.

Well, I think it's clear. :)

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